Socrata API Foundry™

It will forever change the speed, the economics and the ease with which developer-ready APIs are created, customized and deployed.

From Data to API in 60 Seconds?

Watch this video demonstration, and see how a business analyst can transform an Excel spreadsheet on the Web, into an open, standards-based, developer-ready API in minutes — Not months. (7:43)

We invented API Foundry to make the rapid implementation of an API-first digital strategy, at scale, easy and cost-effective.


Socrata’s CTO on API Foundry and SODA 2.0

Will Pugh, CTO at Socrata sat down for a quick interview to talk about some of the design decisions that make API Foundry and SODA 2.0 such a powerful combination for creating APIs that just work. Read his blog post on SODA 2.0.

Why is API Foundry Compelling?
What you need to do when you’re creating an API, and expecting developers to use it. (1:26)

What’s New in SODA 2.0?
Developers can expect a powerful, expressive API that is easy to use. Combining the best of REST and SQL, SODA 2.0 is optimized for modern web and mobile applications. (1:37)


What Happens When You Engineer the Complexity Out?

You get end-to-end simplicity that allows a business analyst to create, customize and deploy a developer-ready API, from virtually any data source, using a simple wizard.

You also enable administrators to optimize APIs for different access and workload patterns, while maintaining device-agnostic security and privacy controls, with simple metadata management.

And because Socrata API Foundry™ is a turnkey cloud solution, backed by enterprise-class SLAs, you never have to worry about provisioning servers, or scaling infrastructure.

The Developer Experience – Also Built Into API Foundry

Every time an API is deployed, Socrata API Foundry™ automatically generates a /developer page that features dynamic documentation, interactive developer console with live testing links, and client code samples for that API.

In other words, not only can you create an API in minutes, but your developers can also start using it live, right away. That’s another reason why we call these developer-ready APIs.

Not All APIs Are Created Equal

With Socrata API Foundry™, you will create APIs that your developers will love. In addition to being fully RESTful, every API offers a powerful, expressive SQL-like query language developers are very familiar with.

Kin Lane, API Evangelist at reviewed API Foundry, and had this to say: “API Foundry is simple, elegant and powerful. It just makes sense and is such a clean implementation for any API. It reflects the patterns I’m seeing across the space.”