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Hundreds of developers use open data to create civic apps for everyday use. Here are some of our favorites.



Data is easier to understand when properly visualized. Plotly enables you to import data from almost anywhere, visualize it, and share it with the world, or just the people you need to see it.

SF Rec and Park

San Francisco, CA

Looking for a place in San Francisco to play tennis or hold a birthday party? The SF Rec and Park app helps you to not only find public venues but request reservations and get directions.

Civic Insight

United States

Properties change, from construction to rot to new management. Now, you can analyze property patterns, report condition changes, and track the buildings you care about with Civic Insight.

Building Eye

United States

Ever wondered what all that construction down the street is? Building Eye provides a detailed map, information, and status updates for building permits in cities throughout the U.S.



Tired of that pothole never getting filled or want an abandoned car removed? Crowd-source your issues with SeeClickFix and watch as word spreads to people who can do something about it.


Vancouver, BC

ReCollect connects Public Works and Communications departments with residents through weekly garbage day reminders, mobile apps, and search widgets to save money and delight residents.

World Bank Finances


Want to know more about World Bank’s activities? Through it’s easy-to-navigate maps and lists, World Bank Finances provides snapshots of each country’s donor and beneficiary portfolios.

Construction Projects

Edmonton, AB

Some say Edmonton, AB has two seasons: winter and road construction. The City of Edmonton created this iOS app to provide drivers with up-to-date reports and help them avoid construction zones.

Adopt a Siren

Honolulu, HI

It takes a lot of time and energy to test every emergency siren in Honolulu. Adopt a Siren allows people to look up testing times and, if they’re in hearing range, report how sirens are functioning.


Seattle, WA

Bicycles have many advantages over cars, but parking is still a dilemma. Need to find a bike rack? If you’re in Seattle, VeloRacks offers detailed information about nearby bike racks and businesses.

King County Elections

King County, WA

People want to access information on their mobile devices. Ballot results are no exception. When residents asked for mobile-friendly voting statistics, King County Elections provided.

Ballot Drop Box

State of Oregon

Finding a ballot box can be more challenging than deciding how to vote. Oregon’s Ballot Drop Box locator enables residents to type in an address or search a state map to find nearby drop boxes.

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