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Government Data Gains Fans in Australia

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in south east Australia, home to Australia’s capital city Canberra, not only makes vast stores of government data available to the public, it does so through multiple portals. A long-time leader in open data efforts, ACT has given citizens many ways to view and analyze data, as well as share it with each other and provide feedback to the government about their performance. They even have a roadmap written with their plans in place for an even more transparent and productive government of the future.

“This website will make information the ACT Government holds readily available to anyone interested in the work of the ACT Government. Over time, we will continue to develop this site and make more government information visible and available.”

Katy Gallagher, Chief Minister of ACT

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Australia’s first 3rd Generation open data site – from the ACT
by Craig Thomler, GovLoop, September 1, 2012

dataACT & Mobile Canberra Roadmaps
by ACT Government

Open Data in the ACT
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