Consumer Protection Gets a Boost

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau seeks to collect, share, and start conversations about data on consumers, financial service providers, and consumer markets. As its website states, “An informed consumer is the first line of defense against abusive practices.” CFPB’s open data portal contains information about consumer credit card complaints it has received. They can be visualized on maps, seen by type in bar graphs and more.

“No longer will consumer complaints only be known to the individual complainant, bank, regulator, and those in the public willing to pursue this information through the Freedom of Information Act,”
Scott Pluta, Chief of Staff, CFPB More…

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CFPB Opens Its Credit Card Complaints Database
by Mickey Meece, Forbes, June 19, 2012

Open source is interoperable with smarter government at the CFPB
by Alex Howard, Radar O’Reilly, April 10, 2012