State of Illinois Grows Innovation Economy

The State of Illinois Open Data site is an integral part of the Illinois Innovation Council’s plan to promote economic growth through innovation and the engagement of citizens, developers, academia and industry. Currently the site hosts data from multiple state agencies as well as federated data from Data.Gov. In total, this site presents a powerful tool for innovators to create value-added assets utilizing data from

“The Open Data initiative in Illinois is part of a purposeful and deliberate project-driven approach focused on creating new opportunities for non-government actors who can apply their creativity and critical thinking to transform Illinois’s public data into innovative new services”
Andrew Ross, COO, State of Illinois More…

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Press Release

Governor Quinn Launches State Open Data Website
by Illinois Government News Network, June 21, 2011

Governor Quinn Announces Major Expansion of Illinois’ Open Data Initiative
by Illinois Government News Network, November 4, 2011


Governor Quinn Signs Major Legislation to Increase Transparency in State Government
by Governor Quinn, State of Illinois, August 17, 2009