Introducing Socrata Mondara™

Socrata Mondara™, built to Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards

Socrata Mondara™ was developed using open source technologies, including GeoServer and OpenLayers and offers full support for OGC standards including Web Map Service and Web Feature Service.

Introductory Offer

Geocode any location data, or unlock your
KML and Shapefiles, to create 100 interactive Online Maps for only:

$499/month. Try Mondara™ for Free!


Online maps, now a fun art project anyone can create

Drag any Shapefile or KML file and drop it into the Socrata Cloud for an instant online map.

It’s just like uploading a photo to Facebook™. No desktop software, or GIS expertise required. Use readily-available geospatial data, published by your own GIS department.

Easily create points on a map from any
location data.

Do you have spreadsheets with address information? You can convert those to online maps just as easily. Mondara includes all the geocoding services you need.

Mix, match and add context with each layer.

Easily combine related maps, or individual map layers, to add more meaning and context for your users. They will love you for making their lives easy.

100% cloud. No desktop software, or GIS expertise required.

Always on, hassle-free access for you and your users.

As easy to explore and share as they are to create

Instant online discovery and interactive exploration for all users.

Make it easy for everyday information consumers to find the maps they’re looking for. Make it just as easy for them to explore these maps interactively, and share them with others. This is what Open Data is all about.

Easy to turn map layers on and off and personalize the experience.

Configurable multi-format downloads for professional use.

Professional users still want bulk access to the geospatial data. Mondara automatically converts shapefiles into KML/KMZ files and vice-versa, to offer professional users multiple options for high-fidelity file downloads.

Unlimited social sharing and embedding just like YouTube™ videos.

Automatic open API access for developers, using the
Socrata Open Data API (SODA).

Introductory Offer.Geocode any location data, or unlock your KML and Shapefiles to create 100 Online Maps for only $499/month. Try Mondara™ for Free!