The Growing Open Data Movement

Open data adoption in the public sector is leaving the experimental phase and entering the mainstream.

  • Nearly every federal agency in the U.S. government has an open data program, with serving as the anchor that binds agency efforts together. 
  • 36 percent of the largest cities (with populations over 500,000) in the U.S. have a mature open data program. 
  • Counties, higher education institutions, and associations are also strong in the game. 
  • Worldwide, open data projects are springing up nearly every day, with the U.K. leading the way. 

Maybe you are just starting your open data journey, or maybe you are reading this report to look for practical ways to build on your earlier steps. In this closing chapter, we thought we’d share with you some resources to help you stay connected to the constant stream of innovation happening our vision of where open data is going. 

Locations of Socrata-powered open data portals.

How to Stay Connected to the Open Data Community


Are you curious how you can keep up with the open data conversation? Follow these hashtags on Twitter and connect with the following organizations.



Tech President

The Atlantic Cities


O’Reily Radar Gov 2.0

David Eaves’s Blog

Andrea Di Maio, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

Jennifer Bellissent, Principal Analyst at Forrester (covering civic innovation, citizen engagement, open data, and the rise of smart cities)

White House Open Government Blog

People to Follow on Twitter

Brett Goldstein, Chicago Chief Data Officer

Alex Howard, Gov 2.0 correspondent for O’Reilly Media

Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer, NYC

Chris Moore, Chief Information Officer, Edmonton

Mark Headd, Chief Data Officer, Philadephia

Tariq Khokhar, Open Data Evangelist at The World Bank

David Eaves, Open data innovator and thought leader

Jay Nath, San Francisco’s Chief Innovation Officer

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