Socrata Open Performance (GovStat)

A seamless way to measure the performance of your government programs and share your results with the world.

Use Your 311 Data to Make Better Decisions

Listen to Socrata Director of GovStat Beth Blauer and the 311 team from Kansas City, MO as they discuss how Kansas City uses 311 data to improve city services and save money.

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Run a Performance Measurement Program

Prepare to succeed. Download Beth Blauer’s comprehensive overview of running a GovStat program, including advice on selecting goals, applying metrics, running meetings, and sharing results with the public.

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Are you curious how GovStat could help your program reach its goals? Let a Socrata team member guide you through the steps of setting up a GovStat program.

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The Power of Performance Measurement

How can data improve outcomes at your agency? Socrata Open Performance (GovStat) provides a seamless system for government agencies to not only set goals, but measure their impact against data, perform broad analysis, and share results with the public automatically. Smart cities like Edmonton and states like Maryland have already benefited from a data-driven approach.

Meet Beth Blauer, Director of Open Performance (GovStat)

When Martin O’Malley became governor of Maryland, he selected Beth Blauer to lead his StateStat initiative. What were the results? Lowered crime, increased test scores, healthier children, and more. Hear from Blauer about her time in Maryland and the power of data to improve outcomes.

A History of Using Data for Decisions

How Data Solves Government Problems

Participatory, Data-Driven Democracy


Powered by a Common Language

Too often, progress is slowed by simple things like naming conventions and incompatible data formats. Open Performance (GovStat) gets ahead of this problem with a consistent framework for defining goals and applying metrics.

Plus, data from every department stays in a central repository, in a standardized format, and is automatically updated as new information comes in. With its centralized approach, collaboration across departments can happen more easily.

Customized Reports in Minutes

How long does it take you to create a custom report about progress towards your goals? Do you have to get technical help or gather information from a variety of sources first?

Open Performance (GovStat) empowers everyone to create beautiful, real-time reports with maps and charts, and then use them again and again. The system supports the reports, updating the data automatically whenever new information is available. You can actually use the reports as personal dashboards for your progress against goals.

Engaging Citizens & Getting Feedback

Open Performance (GovStat) puts you on a fast track to Gov 2.0. Your goals and the metrics to measure them not only show up on public dashboards, the dashboards invite citizens to give feedback on what they see. Citizens become partners in innovation.

Plus, you can drop in text to explain your strategies, as well as include links to other resources and provide context. With Open Performance (GovStat), you can go beyond being transparent and actually encouraging citizen engagement.