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Socrata seeks to provide valuable resources that will inspire and help you ensure the success of your open data initiative.

Open Data Value Framework

In this framework, Socrata highlights the four pillars of open data's value. Explore how innovative governments leverage open data to engage citizens, make informed decisions, increase efficiency, and boost economy.

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2014 Benchmark Report

Socrata partnered with EMC Research to conduct a survey on the views of open data among publishers and users. Learn more about the study and read the report to see how open data can help you.

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open source field guide

Open Data Field Guide

Need help defining your open data program, defining clear goals, and harnessing the potential of your data? The Guide helps you ask the right questions as you set up your open data initiative.

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Top City, County, and State Open Datasets

Top Open Data Datasets

Socrata users voted and the results are in. We present the leading open data datasets in top categories exposed by cities, counties, and states. Explore the datasets for yourself.

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8 Government Processes Open Data Replaced

8 Government Processes Open Data Replaced

Review our list of eight government processes that innovative governments have replace with open data. See just how open data can save you time and money.

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5 Things You Need to Know About Financial Transparency

5 Things You Need to Know About Financial Transparency

The next phase of open data is all about financial transparency. Learn five reasons why making financial information open and available online should be your next open data goal.

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The Interaction Between Open Data and Constituent Services

The Interaction Between Open Data and Constituent Services

Constituents are demanding access to more information and data from governments big and small. See how six governments are providing greater access at significantly lower costs.

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The Cloud: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

The Cloud: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?

Cloud computing is the next stage in the Internet’s evolution. Discover how government organizations are relying on cloud computing to reduce costs and improve service levels.

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How-To Guides

How to Run an Effective Open Performance (GovStat) Program

How to Establish an Effective Open Performance Program

Learn how to build a team, set goals, address common challenges, and maximize the outcomes of your efforts with this guide by Beth Blauer, former Director of Maryland's StateStat.

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How to Comply with Federal Open Data Policy

U.S. Federal agencies face a number of new requirements to make data "open and machine-readable by default." Learn what that means and how Socrata can help you acheive compliance.

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How to Run a Datapalooza or Data Jam

Looking to host your own data jam or datapalooza? Socrata Director of Open Data, Ian Kalin provides in-depth instructions on everything from selecting datasets to who to invite.

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How to Run a Hackathon

Hackathons are among the most effective ways to get developers engaged with your government data. Learn how to manage one from selecting a venue to post-event engagement.

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Open Innovation

Volume 4

IN THIS ISSUE: Data-Driven Leadership: A Conversation with Governor Martin O'Malley, Encourage Open Data with a System That Doesn't Discourage Openness, Where's the ROI? Demonstrating the ROI of Your Open Data Initiative, Data-Driven Disaster Management: A New Era

Volume 3

IN THIS ISSUE: Growing Chicago's Open Data Economy, How Open Data Is Revolutionizing Health Care, Alameda County: The Gold Standard in Community Collaboration, 6 Government Processes Replaced by Open Data, Knowledge for Everyone: The Open Data Institute

Volume 2

IN THIS ISSUE: Codelescence: Socrata Engineering Comes of Age, Data-Driven Government In Action, Socrata 2013 Highlights, Designing the Future: Code for America Makes an Impact

Volume 1

IN THIS ISSUE: What is a Chief Data Officer?, Practical Advice for Your Open Data Program, Re-Defining Government in the 21st Century, Our 10 Favorite Open Data Apps

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Case Studies

Topeka: A Lesson in Gaining Stakeholder Support

In many ways, the City of Topeka’s open budget portal has been a straightforward execution — the kind of informative portal that cities ...
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European Union: Citizens Should See How Their Money Is Being Spent

Imagine the task of stimulating economic growth in 274 regions of a geographic area with an abundance of different languages, cultures, and ...
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Granollers: A Transparent and Participatory Municipality

In presenting the new portal, the City’s mayor, Josep Mayoral, said: “We want a transparent and particip...
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Rubí: Facilitating Citizen Participation

Rubí is a city that has outdone itself. In the middle of the twentieth century it only had 10,000 inhabitants. Today, that number exceeds 7...
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