Socrata on Windows Azure

The worldwide Windows Azure network moves open government technology around the globe.

Microsoft's global infrastructure and Socrata's market-leading open data technology have come together to help more government organizations join the open government and data-driven performance movements. Multilingual capabilities, in-country data storage, and 24x7 support ensure a quick start, easy upkeep, and the ability to scale. Read the press release for more information.

"Being at the forefront of Europe's open data movement, we're using technology and public data to drive our innovation, simplification, and digitization goals. We’ve found that many of our answers can be discovered in data that we already have. By hosting an Open Data Portal through Socrata and Windows Azure, we're able to capitalize on the full value of our data resources."

Oscar Sovani, Leader of Digital Agenda, Regione Lombardia, Italy

"Thanks to Socrata, departments can easily see each other’s data and get access to it without having to go through some hierarchical process."

Chris Moore, CIO, Edmonton, AB, Canada

"The vision is to transform how citizens and government interface. We've made it easier for citizens to get what they need."

Kristin Russell, CIO and Secretary of Technology, State of Colorado, USA

Socrata's Products

Our open data and government performance products make data more accessible and easy to use.

Open Data Portal

Open Data Portal

Data optimized for access and use
Socrata’s open data portal moves data to the cloud for everyone to review, compare, visualize, and share.

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Government decisions made with data
GovStat puts performance management in the hands of your employees and shares results with the citizens you serve.

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API Foundry

Open up data for high-impact apps
APIs create instant, accurate data sharing and apps. With API Foundry, get custom APIs and documentation in minutes.

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The World's Most Innovative Governments

Forward-thinking governments advance their data-driven agendas with Socrata’s open data expertise and solutions.

New York City 

State of Missouri 

Montgomery County


Case Studies

Making data easy to share tends to spark great ideas. Read these open data success stories from Socrata's customers.

Boston Makes Budget Transparency a Top Priority

The City of Boston had been publishing their budget in multi-volume PDFs for years. While there’s a wealth of information contained in the...
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Open Data Brings West Sussex Benefits Beyond Their Expectations

When West Sussex launched the Socrata platform in the summer of 2014, accountability to local residents was the county’s biggest prior...
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ATF Open Data: Improving Public Understanding and Reducing the FOIA Backlog

Even before the White House issued OMB Mandate M-13-13 requiring open and machine-readable government data, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, ...
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Open Budget Redmond: Telling the Unique Story of a City Budget

For a budget to accurately tell the story of what a city or state or nation values, and for that budget to be understood by its citizenry, i...
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