More time to build apps.
Less time worrying about the data. 

Your peers in the Open Data developer community tell us that working with Government Data is challenging. Too often, you have to screen-scrape data from websites. When data is actually available for download, you have to transform the source data into a usable format, and then you have to keep it up-to-date. Not fun! What you want is immediate and uniform programmatic access to a growing pool of rich and automatically-updated government datasets. You also want helpful resources to get you started and a commitment to Open Standards.

Socrata is pleased to offer you:

The Socrata Open Data API (SODA), the Socrata Developer Site, a creative Commons license for the API specifications and a growing library of code samples on Github.

Go to the developer site.

The Socrata Code Library on Github

Socrata’s code libraries are open source and available both on the SODA Developer Site and on GitHub at Check them out!

What is SODA?

SODA Provides an open, standards-based, RESTful application programming interface to access government datasets.

  • Every Socrata-hosted dataset is readily and uniformly accessible
  • You can read the data, but also perform more advanced operations such as searching and filtering
  • Combine datasets with other Web services to create new mashups and applications
  • Socrata Open Data API (SODA) specifications were released to the Open Data community under a Creative Commons license

The SODA Developer Site

The focus of the Developer Site is to make it easy to access the API, retrieve data and perform more advanced operations such as searching and filtering, all in the developer’s language of choice.

On this site you will find useful features and resources that will help you get started on the SODA API, in the programming language of your choice:

  • Dynamic code samples that you can run and preview, in context, throughout the reference documentation.
  • An interactive developer console that allows you to explore the API interactively, by issuing API commands against any public Socrata-powered dataset and seeing real results in JSON, XML and even RDF notation.
  • Step-by-step guides and native libraries in Ruby, Java, Python, JavaScript, C# and PHP
  • Community forums
  • Meaningful documentation
  • Jumpstart guides and helpful videos
  • A developer blog maintained by our developer advocate, Chris Metcalf with additional contributions from Socrata developers.

Best of all, this developer site, was built and is maintained by developers like you who also want to make data more accessible and useful.