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Government Data Pays Dividends

Explore how Oregon state agencies are using their data as a platform to modernize service delivery, improve information flow and reduce costs.

Why Open Data?
Wally Rogers, E-Government Program Manager, explains why Oregon chose to implement an Open Data platform.

Empowered Agencies
Oregon Marine Board empowers its employees to deliver interactive content directly to constituents, with no technical assistance.

Smart Mobile Experience
Live presentation of mobile, location-aware content created by the Marine Board.

$500,000 Saved!
How the Secretary of State, Corporate Division, saved nearly $500,000 by using the Socrata platform to create a great self-service experience.

Open Data Impact
Oregon team summarizes the benefits of

Implementation Tips
Roundtable discussion of successful implementation best practices.

You can also view the full one-hour recorded webinar or read the entire transcript.

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