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White House Rolls Out Budget on Socrata’s Open Data Platform

By Socrata, February 10, 2016

Curious about where exactly your tax dollars are going the next few years? Yesterday, the White House published the 2017 federal budget outlining spending for the coming year. To engage with digital citizens on the budget, the White House is leveraging Socrata’s open data platform and financial transparency suite, that allows users to visualize where

Public Safety, Webinar Spotlight

Solve Police Challenges with Data

By Kara Turner, February 4, 2016

From the White House to police departments to individual citizens, there is recognition that data-centered police-community relations will better meet the needs of both the police and those they serve. Transparency is the foundation of trust and ultimately engagement. In the past year we have witnessed a complete shift with many police departments today embracing

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Combatting Erosion in Public Trust through Digital Performance Reporting

By Joah Iannotta, February 3, 2016

A recent survey by the Pew Charitable Trust found that Americans’ trust in government has reached its lowest levels in over 50 years — only 19 percent of Americans stated that they can trust the federal government always or most of the time. This erosion in trust was mirrored by respondents’ view that government is

Open Data

Improving Event Safety with Open Data

By Kara Turner, February 1, 2016

With the Super Bowl days away, many football fans are thinking about the players, the parties, and the commercials. The city of Santa Clara is thinking about public safety and data. Some of the largest sporting events are using big and open data to make sure that their events stay safe, and there is still

Open Data

Edmonton’s Open Data Program Ranks #1

By Madeleine Burry, January 26, 2016

Pop the champagne and cue the confetti: Edmonton received the top spot in the inaugural Open Cities Index. The report, released by Public Sector Digest and Canada’s Open Data Exchange, ranked 34 municipalities — together, they account for nearly half of Canada’s population. By evaluating each city, the report provides a yardstick for success as

Open Data

Coast to Coast: Dog Datasets

By Kara Turner, January 20, 2016

January is National Train Your Dog Month and according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are approximately 70 million pet dogs in the U.S. Across the country governments are sharing canine-focused datasets to improve the lives of dogs, their owners, and their neighbors. Here are five governments that using dog datasets, powered by Socrata,

Open Data, Performance Measurement

Mid-Atlantic StatNet: Fostering Peer Collaboration in Performance Management

By Ewan Simpson, January 12, 2016

Performance management is an evolving, if not elusive, practice for many municipalities and it’s never the same from city to city. Getting started in performance measurement can be fraught with challenges — departmental participation, data access, citizen engagement, and politics to name a few. Complicating the matter are all the different approaches with some groups

Open Data, Performance Measurement

Socrata Supports Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities Initiative

By Cam Caldwell, January 5, 2016

Socrata expects great things in 2016 for U.S. cities. Announced in 2015, the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities initiative pairs mayors’ offices with nonprofits and university partners. The foundation, started by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has set aside $42 million to help cities improve their data-informed decision making and practices. What Works

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Socrata Foundation Announces 2015 Grants

By Cam Caldwell, December 28, 2015

At the Socrata Foundation, we’re proud to announce the most recent grantees as well as our new website and official grant application process. The Socrata Foundation supports society-improving organizations that lack the resources to fulfill their data-driven mission. With a focus on critical and relevant open data efforts, the Socrata Foundation works with organizations that

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EU Spending Revolutionized by Open Data

By Kara Turner, December 21, 2015

The European Commission, the operational arm of the European Union, in partnership with Socrata recently launched a massive open data site, accounting for €450 billion across 28 countries and over 500 programs. The new site enables users to visualize spending data by country, fund, and theme, such as education and vocational training. This monumental launch

Open Data

Socrata Endorses Open Data Charter

By Guest, December 17, 2015

Editor’s note: This post was written by Eric Eden, Socrata’s Chief Marketing Officer. Socrata is honored to endorse the International Open Data Charter and support a new era in digital government improving lives with open data. Global momentum behind open data continues to grow. Questions about whether open data was a genuine thing, or merely

Performance Measurement

Introducing: King County Performance

By Kara Turner, December 15, 2015

King County, Washington, in partnership with Socrata, recently launched King County Performance. The data-driven dashboard helps inform policy decisions and gives citizens access to understand and evaluate progress in four executive priority areas: Best-run government, including voter turnout and customer service response times Equity and social justice, including graduation and unemployment rates Climate change, including