State of Colorado

In an effort to modernize aging infrastructure, the State of Colorado has taken a new approach to delivering government services. Replacing the status quo is an innovative approach to Open Data that involves minimizing redundancies between agencies and creating a central shared repository for sharing government data. As outlined in the White Paper, Citizen Engagement … Continued


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Increasing and improving access to CDC’s chronic disease and health promotion data and indicators is a key component of addressing the burden of chronic diseases in the United States. Chronic diseases are responsible for 7 of 10 deaths each year, and treating people with chronic diseases accounts for 86% of our nation’s health care costs. … Continued


City and County of San Francisco (CA)

As the world’s first 2.0 City, the City of San Francisco continually innovates new ways of delivering government services. Mayor Lee’s commitment to innovation, transparency, and government efficiencies was on full-display when he unveiled the successor to, The new site contains a host of features that increase resident engagement and exploration of city … Continued

International, Non-Profit

World Bank

Data for Hundreds of Countries on One Simple Template As part of their efforts to improve the lives of people in developing areas, the World Bank organizes the collection and distribution of money around the world. This complicated effort leaves them with piles of financial information that the public wants to see. How did they … Continued


State of Washington

Civic Innovation in the Evergreen State The State of Washington is known for great coffee, apples, and now, open data. As the home to many pioneering companies, it is no surprise that the State of Washington was one of the first states in the country to adopt an Open Data Portal. Located at, the … Continued


State of Missouri

“Show Me” State Increases Transparency The State of Missouri continues to fulfill its motto as the “Show Me” state with the launch of Residents of Missouri can now benefit from a unified search experience across multiple state agencies and departments, while browsing fully-interactive online datasets. The new site contains information on local severe weather … Continued


State of Illinois

State of Illinois Grows Innovation Economy The State of Illinois Open Data site is an integral part of the Illinois Innovation Council’s plan to promote economic growth through innovation and the engagement of citizens, developers, academia and industry. Currently the site hosts data from multiple state agencies as well as federated data from Data.Gov. In … Continued



About Data.Medicare.Gov was the first federal Open Data site to offer a rich interactive experience for exploring data online. It is a resource for the public, health policy researchers and the media to access data about important health related topics, such as Hospital Compare, Dialysis Facilities, Home Health Agencies, Nursing Homes and Medical Equipment … Continued


State of Oregon

Pioneering State Is Early Open Data Leader Pioneering comes naturally to Oregonians. Oregon was one of the first states to offer its citizens a fully-interactive online experience to explore the State’s public data. Oregon went farther than any other state in leveraging the Socrata Open Data Platform™ to modernize how its agencies share and publish … Continued


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The United Nations Development Programme empowers developing countries with the resources and skills to improve the lives of their constituents. It only makes sense that their financial data does the same. The information on provides a searchable and filterable data-warehouse for insight into the progress of developing countries around the world.


Strathcona County (Alb)

Set in the middle of Alberta’s energy and agricultural heartland, Strathcona County is a mixture of urban area, small hamlets, and farmland. To build on its economic strength and to power the success of its citizens, the County launched its open data portal in 2014 with the goals of increasing transparency, advancing community engagement, and … Continued

County, International

Regione Lombardia (Italy)

Open Data, a World Language Few places in the world have as much history, culture, and beauty as the Region of Lombardia, Italy. With the first localized Open Data site utilizing the Socrata Open Data Platform TM in the world, the people of Lombardy can continue to experience their rich culture while simultaneously benefiting from … Continued


Montgomery County (MD)

Open Data Influences Montgomery County Elections The Montgomery County Open Data Portal provides residents with unparalleled access to county data covering many topics. The potential of this data was most recently demonstrated during the 2012 election, when voters who were eager to find information on the locations of early voting centers drove large amounts of … Continued